Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boss SD-1 Mod on sale, BOT giveaway & PepTone Pro Drive Coming Soon!

Boss DS-1 giveaway going on right now! Check for further information!

We have released the Boss SD-1 Mod and this one is an aggressive Overdrive. Nowhere near a distortion, it's still a pure overdrive but by far the most aggressive overdrive I have played.

We are also now selling Boss Modification bundles. You can buy the New Boss BD-2 Mod & New Boss SD-1 Mod bundle for a lower price than buying them individually new. You can also get a good deal on the Boss BD-2 Mod & Boss DS-1 Mod bundle.

The PepTone Pro Drive will be coming out soon. This pedal is for those real dynamic players who LOVE their guitar and amp setup. This will only make your tone better. Great for recording and is one of those gems that you could leave on all night long.

Check out for other information and deals.

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