Saturday, November 15, 2008

PepTone True-Bypass Looper and Boss TR-2 Mod for sale!

We have just added the Boss TR-2 Mod :Pure Trem modification to our for sale items. Now you can enjoy an AMAZING tremolo guitar pedal under $150! This thing will blow out any other trem pedal in this price range. It is lush, clean and pulses like an old vintage amp!

We also added the PepTone true-bypass looper pedal. Turn any buffer switch type pedal into a true-bypass pedal. Or combine pedals into a specific chain for some one switch multi effect: for instance, do you like to have delay with a certain overdrive or reverb? now turn them all on at once by having them all through the loop together. This can help clean up your tone and clean up your pedal board!

The PepTone Pro Drive custom overdrive/gain pedal is just about done. The tone controls for this thing are absolutely amazing! I have never played a pedal with the delicate touch that this thing offers. Not to mention we are not using the clipping section that most overdrives use...its the most natural and organic clipping section we have played. It's just beefy tone. We are very impressed with this one, we have never experienced this before.

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