Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Delay Pedals

PepTone Electronics is about making pedals better or making pedals that have not been made, either way we are about putting something out that you cannot already buy. This is why I have not started making any delays. There are so many great delay pedals out there.

One of my favorite all time general delay is an analog delay; The MXR Carbon Copy. Out of all the boutique and common company delay pedals that stands on its own with pure delay tone and done so without tone loss! Now if you are looking for weird spacey looped effects this pedal does not do well, this one is great for just pure analog delay with great control and tone. Yes, the delay does have a tone and the Carbon Copy has such a natural sounding repeat.

As far as digital delays go I can never go wrong with the Boss DD series. There are small differences in the tones of those pedals. From the DD-3 to the DD-7 they offer different settings but also have different qualities in tone on the repeats...the DD-3 seems the most "harsh" with my favorite being the DD-5 that I modified to add warmth.

There are great delays out there but it really depends on what you are really looking for in a delay. You can go all out with the Keeley modulation control Ibanez AD-9 delay setup and spends hundreds of dollars, but many will not need that type of control for delay. I am not one to need constant control of the repeats and delay time to need that but I guess someone needs it.

If you do want something more versatile I would look to the BBE Two Timer pedal that offers one delay pedal with two switches to go back and forth between two delay times. So if you use delay as a slap back and need a specific delay time this pedal would be great because you can get two settings ready to go. The BBE Two Timer does have great sounding delay and won't break the bank either. I just never see a situation where spending $200 + on delay is necessary when there are just as good if not better sounding delays for cheaper. Now if it has a gizmo on it (like the keeley) then go for it if you need it. If you just want a delay that sounds good then I wouldn't go too far. Delay is important but it does not change drastically like boost or overdrive pedals.

There are many delays out there and they are great tools for getting good tone.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

PepTone True-Bypass Looper and Boss TR-2 Mod for sale!

We have just added the Boss TR-2 Mod :Pure Trem modification to our for sale items. Now you can enjoy an AMAZING tremolo guitar pedal under $150! This thing will blow out any other trem pedal in this price range. It is lush, clean and pulses like an old vintage amp!

We also added the PepTone true-bypass looper pedal. Turn any buffer switch type pedal into a true-bypass pedal. Or combine pedals into a specific chain for some one switch multi effect: for instance, do you like to have delay with a certain overdrive or reverb? now turn them all on at once by having them all through the loop together. This can help clean up your tone and clean up your pedal board!

The PepTone Pro Drive custom overdrive/gain pedal is just about done. The tone controls for this thing are absolutely amazing! I have never played a pedal with the delicate touch that this thing offers. Not to mention we are not using the clipping section that most overdrives use...its the most natural and organic clipping section we have played. It's just beefy tone. We are very impressed with this one, we have never experienced this before.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PepTone Boost pedal coming!

Folks, there has been plenty going here at PepTone.

We have the Boss Mods: BD-2, SD-1, DS-1 all up for sale. The TR-2 will be coming...

The PepTone Custom line only has the Greenie up for sale right now but the PepTone Pro Drive is going to be here soon. We are also looking at a dual channel overdrive pedal that has two individual effects (not one main one and another stacked one) but two absolute individual so you can stack them or use them individually...however this is further down the road.

Along with that we have finally found a pure clean boost that I like. I have the main concept of it's structure but there are a few frills and extras that I am looking at adding. This pedal will obviously be true-bypass and everything else.

I use boost pedals all the time. The boost pedals that I have used (the obvious more popular)seem to never have a sweet spot. They boost a lot but do not carry the EQ transparency that I desire. The PepTone boost really responds well to other effects and handles tube amps perfectly.

I fully expect the TR-2 Mod to be up for sale in the near near future.

I will also be adding sound clips for the Boss SD-1 and Boss DS-1 Mods as well.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boss SD-1 Mod on sale, BOT giveaway & PepTone Pro Drive Coming Soon!

Boss DS-1 giveaway going on right now! Check for further information!

We have released the Boss SD-1 Mod and this one is an aggressive Overdrive. Nowhere near a distortion, it's still a pure overdrive but by far the most aggressive overdrive I have played.

We are also now selling Boss Modification bundles. You can buy the New Boss BD-2 Mod & New Boss SD-1 Mod bundle for a lower price than buying them individually new. You can also get a good deal on the Boss BD-2 Mod & Boss DS-1 Mod bundle.

The PepTone Pro Drive will be coming out soon. This pedal is for those real dynamic players who LOVE their guitar and amp setup. This will only make your tone better. Great for recording and is one of those gems that you could leave on all night long.

Check out for other information and deals.