Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Boss Mods coming soon!

We are diligently working on the Boss SD-1 Overdrive Mod and the Boss TR-2 Tremolo Mod.

The Boss SD-1 Overdrive Mod will be an aggressive overdrive, more unorthodox than my Greenie overdrive. It isn't anything like the Boss BD-2 Mod since the BD-2 is strictly a gain pedal. This is more in the realm of a Ibanez Tube Screamer on major steroids...big, bulky and nasty overdrive. It will have a great focus for harmonics but its going to have a very aggressive tone structure that is very tube-like and on the verge of a fuzz. A very cool overdrive. Again, we don't want to be redundant. We won't make a pedal that sounds like another, especially one of ours. This one is definitely something different.

The Boss TR-2 Tremolo Mod isn't going to be anything "crazy" or out of the ordinary. It's going to be a pure Trem pedal. The Mods being developed are Modifications needed to HI-FI the guitar pedal and to give it some more boost in it. Some like to Mod this pedal to have more sparkle but that can ruin the overall sound and in the end it loses its feel as a Trem. I wanted this Mod to be as transparent as possible. Dig this one when it's done...

We are looking to have these done by the start of December. The latest would be the New Year.


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