Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PepTone Boost pedal coming!

Folks, there has been plenty going here at PepTone.

We have the Boss Mods: BD-2, SD-1, DS-1 all up for sale. The TR-2 will be coming...

The PepTone Custom line only has the Greenie up for sale right now but the PepTone Pro Drive is going to be here soon. We are also looking at a dual channel overdrive pedal that has two individual effects (not one main one and another stacked one) but two absolute individual so you can stack them or use them individually...however this is further down the road.

Along with that we have finally found a pure clean boost that I like. I have the main concept of it's structure but there are a few frills and extras that I am looking at adding. This pedal will obviously be true-bypass and everything else.

I use boost pedals all the time. The boost pedals that I have used (the obvious more popular)seem to never have a sweet spot. They boost a lot but do not carry the EQ transparency that I desire. The PepTone boost really responds well to other effects and handles tube amps perfectly.

I fully expect the TR-2 Mod to be up for sale in the near near future.

I will also be adding sound clips for the Boss SD-1 and Boss DS-1 Mods as well.


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