Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NEW! Boss BD-2 Tone Driver Mod

Boss BD-2 Mod: Tone Driver
The name of the Mod says it all. Tone Driver. This pedal will drive the tone you already have incorporated with your current setup. It lets your guitar and amp combo breath but gives you the gain/level amount desired. You will not get any muffled sounds out of this one! If you are a fan of your amp and want a boost or gain to push your amp further this is going to be your favorite pedal! There is plenty of gain on tap but I cleaned it up when the drive is on "0" so you have enough headroom. I added more bass boost rather than a bass swell, again, no muffled sounds here! There is a slight hint of compression when on a cleaner setting, think of a natural compression you can achieve from a tube amp being pushed.

I currently use two of these, one boosted and one as a gain pedal, the punch and sparkle it adds is something I have never achieved with ANY boutique pedal. For you amp-guitar combo lovers, welcome to my idea of a pedal to use.

Some people ask how the PepTone Tone Driver BD-2 mod compares Vs. Keeley or Vs Monte Allums and while they have great mods I consider mine more musical. I like this pedal to be more like an amp in the EQ. When you kick it on its not an overwhelming difference in tone but has a bit of tube compression and drive/gain. Yes, you can get really gainy with my BD-2 Modification but my favorite option with it is when it is an amp enhancer.

Boss DS-1 Distortion BOT Mod

Want a blend of a distortion and overdrive? This is it! Many other pedal modders have a DS-1 mod out there like the Keeley All Seeing Eye Mod, Analogmans Super DS 1 mod and Monte Allums DS-1 Rectifier Mod. All of those mods are good mods but this one is built as more of a hybrid rather than a down and dirty distortion. Yes, this BOT mod does get hairy but don't expect a shredder to use this pedal (in my opinion).

My idea behind the pedal:
I have played a TON of boutique pedals in my time and studied them closely (overdrive mainly). I came up with this Mod because I was so sick of all of the "boutique" pedals with flabby bass and piercing highs (not to mention the high high cost). I know it sounds funny that I achieved what I wanted in a common Boss pedal but it is all there!

This pedal is top notch and I guarantee you will love the pedal. If you are not 100% satisfied after 2 weeks I will give you a full refund and you only have to pay for shipping for the transaction. Refund will be given upon me receiving the pedal. I am an honest American and if you do not enjoy this pedal like I do you don't need to keep it!

The purpose of this pedal is to create a pedal that is very unique from the fact that it is a hybrid between an amp simulator and an overdrive pedal. It gets clean-ish dirty with dynamic reaction and it gets smooth high overdrive dirty. I have modified 16 key parts (more than what other modders do!) including higher quality part upgrades and a complete eq upgrade and balance. All of the parts interact with each other to get a tone like never heard (this mod took me 3 months to get to the way I wanted). No raspy tone here!

Gain and Tone Structure:
Using the gain knob the knob turned all the way down through to 12 o'clock this is where you can achieve boost/low overdrive tone. Great crystal clear highs with a punchy mid section that is full and articulate. This is where you can achieve some great amp enhancement tones. This part is not a clean boost per say but one could get a cranked Fender amp sound edged into the tone in this part of the gain knob. You can hear each note individually and doesn't cover or color your amp and guitar set up to make you think you are playing a completely different setup when the pedal is turned on.

From 12 o'clock to all the way up is where the hybrid of gain and overdrive come in. You will notice that there is some compression on this pedal. Very smooth and rounds out the sustain but I made sure this is not overdone. The overdrive starts to push so hard it sounds like your guitar is going to explode!

Like I said before this is not a distortion pedal, its more of a Blues and/or Rock players dream, very vintage-esque tone. There is a great indie rock sound coming from this pedal as well. From cranked vintage amp to the explosion of overdrive tone this pedal will serve many people justice. It does extremely well with single coil pickups but does its best with humbuckers in my opinion.

The tone knob does not have any bad spots, I smoothed it out a bit and made it less dramatic of change throughout the knob. Very articulate and delicate changes changing the lower frequencies.

There is plenty of volume on tap! I have added some extra head room compared to the stock.