Sunday, October 5, 2008

PepTone Greenie Overdrive! for more info...

This is PepTone's Custom Overdrive guitar effect. Built with the TS-808 / TS-9 in mind but this goes further than ANY Tube Screamer Mod could EVER do, that is why I had to build this Overdrive from the bottom up. Many question if it's in the realm of a Fulltone FULLDRIVE 2 or the Keeley TS-9 Mod, my answer is simple. NO. Those are great pedals but are more dead on Tube Screamer tone. The Greenie CAN achieve that but goes beyond that...


Welcome To The PepTone Greenie

GREENIE: This was inspired by the family of the TS-808/Tube Screamer fame but I took it to another level by adding more clarity, gain, boost and some great overdrive/gain structure options.

If you are like me, you enjoy playing you overdrive pedals during live shows, leisure guitar time and studio/recording time. I have tried over a dozen overdrives (from cheap to boutique!) and not one of those pedals met all my standards/needs for all three scenarios.

CONTROL OPTIONS: The Greenie controls are basic but useful. You have the 3 way gain toggle, the 'Volume' knob, the 'Tone' knob and the 'Drive' knob as basic controls. I also added something special to the Greenie that helps make the overdrive push out and stand out on stage, this is the 'Bright' knob.

The Drive, Tone and Volume knobs work as you have normally experienced with any other standard tone, drive and volume knobs on other pedals. From there, with my addition of the bright knob you can really brown your sound or make is sparkle and shine, more than you would ever expect from any other overdrive pedal. The thing is something you want a smooth meaty tone but as you roll up on the tone for a bit more sparkle you loose the lower end. So keep the lower end on your tone and just add some bright to your sound!

This three way toggle switch doesn't necessarily change the sound of the pedal as much as how the pedal reacts to your picking and dynamics. So don't expect 3 totally different sounds, think more on the basis of dynamics. There is the more classic overdrive sound along with a grit boost and a silky creamy dynamic drive.

GETTING TO IT: If you want an overdrive pedal that dishes out enough options to keep you entertained but has a focus at the same time; this will satisfy you until your heart is content. If you are looking for a true overdrive with thick tone but the option of added clear highs, I am confident you will love the Greenie; and I stand by that.

TONE TIP: I was given a compliment on how using the bright knob turned up all the way in conjunction with the tone knob up all the way gives the pedal the classic "TREBLE BOOSTER" tone. I couldn't agree more, it is a blast! Again, I don't build pedals that sizzle or buzz, so even with the two knobs turn up all the way you get another great high quality sound from this pedal!