Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NEW! Boss BD-2 Tone Driver Mod

Boss BD-2 Mod: Tone Driver
The name of the Mod says it all. Tone Driver. This pedal will drive the tone you already have incorporated with your current setup. It lets your guitar and amp combo breath but gives you the gain/level amount desired. You will not get any muffled sounds out of this one! If you are a fan of your amp and want a boost or gain to push your amp further this is going to be your favorite pedal! There is plenty of gain on tap but I cleaned it up when the drive is on "0" so you have enough headroom. I added more bass boost rather than a bass swell, again, no muffled sounds here! There is a slight hint of compression when on a cleaner setting, think of a natural compression you can achieve from a tube amp being pushed.

I currently use two of these, one boosted and one as a gain pedal, the punch and sparkle it adds is something I have never achieved with ANY boutique pedal. For you amp-guitar combo lovers, welcome to my idea of a pedal to use.

Some people ask how the PepTone Tone Driver BD-2 mod compares Vs. Keeley or Vs Monte Allums and while they have great mods I consider mine more musical. I like this pedal to be more like an amp in the EQ. When you kick it on its not an overwhelming difference in tone but has a bit of tube compression and drive/gain. Yes, you can get really gainy with my BD-2 Modification but my favorite option with it is when it is an amp enhancer.

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