Monday, January 19, 2009

New TS-9 TUbe Screamer Mod & upgrades to the Boss TR-2 Mod

We have added the TS-9 Tube Screamer Mod. This completely unleashes the potential for the TS-9. This is not an TS-808 Mod to turn the TS-9 into 808 specs, we wanted something different. It is a pure Tube Screamer Overdrive with extra meat and beef.

We have added a few extra's to our TR-2 Mod. We added a Rate LED. This LED pulses and emmits the light at the rate of the actual Tremolo so now you can SEE the rate of your tremolo...very handy for live shows!

We also added a larger knob for the Rate as well. Not only is the knob larger but there is a rubber sleeve on the knob so you can adjust the rate setting with your foot! Another great tool.

One last addition. We added a Boost Switch. This takes the volume of the Tremolo and boosts it up a bit. This allows you to have some Sweet dynamics with the Tremolo. It creates a real versatile sound and allows the guitarist to control the attack of the Tremolo.

All of those additions to the Pure Trem Mod to take it even further. Now you have great Tube Tremolo tone with all of these other features. Have at it!

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