Friday, December 5, 2008

PepTone Boss TR-2 Tremolo Mod: Pure Trem

It's completely done!

We not only have a TR-2 Mod but we have added a special option to the TR-2 Mod. We added a pulsating rate LED. This will pulse with the rate of the Tremolo so you can visually see the rate to match in time with the song you are playing.

I always hated trying to guess the tempo of the song and try to match it with my Tremolo. Now there is no guessing. I hated it when I would start to play and the Tremolo rate was too slow or too fast which threw off the sound of the song. NO MORE!

The Mods completed have given it a more Hi-Fi sound in the focus of a vintage tube amp. The Tremolo tone is wider with a bit of sparkle. We added more volume to give you a level that is equivalent to your setup, usually the TR-2 has a horrible volume drop when its kicked on.

This pedal is a big time boutique Tremolo. We are stunned by the results of this Mod. The Pulsating LED is just the icing on the cake. No more guessing!

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